Do you have multiple debts that you are paying off each month, including a car loan, credit card balances, a mortgage, and a line of credit? We can help! Join our webinar on Feb 23 at 7pm.

About this Event

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes’, this is the webinar for you.  

Credit cards, car payments, Lines of credit…..the bills keep piling up; don’t they?  You have a family to run, a job to work, and tons of stuff to do.  Amidst all of that, the pressure of keeping up with all these bills can be extremely stressful.  Missing any of these payments could reduce your credit score and your chances of getting qualified for future debt (remember that dream home that you would need a mortgage for?).  Not just that; the interest rate of some of these bills could be well into the teens (if not higher).  

Consolidating Debt with Your Home’s Equity – A powerful solution to this problem is consolidating your debt using your home’s equity.  There are various mortgage/HELOC products that can convert your numerous debt payments into a single, manageable payment.  Having a single payment makes it easy for you to keep a track of it, hence helping your credit.  Also; the interest rates on these tend to be much lower than most unsecured debt.  Combine that with longer amortization and you are talking about significantly smaller payments, helping you manage your budget better.

During this webinar, we will talk about some of the following solutions for consolidating your debt:

  1. Mortgage Refinance
  2. Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
  3. Second Mortgage
  4. Port and Extend
  5. Reverse Mortgage

We hope to see you there on Thursday, 23 February 7:00 – 8:00pm.


➤ Mohit Masand is a licensed mortgage agent with DLC Affinity Mortgage Solutions.  He has been in the mortgage industry for close to 6 years and has completed over 150 mortgage transactions during this period.  He was the recipient of Affinity Mortgage Solution’s Top Performer Award in 2021 as well as 2022.  He believes in the client-first approach and always stitches together solutions that are best suited to his clients’ needs.