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I’ve banks, other prime lenders, alternate lenders, as well as private investors to get you the best deals on mortgages.

With my in-depth experience in Residential & commercial mortgages, you can bank on me!


As of 25th February 2019


1 Year Fixed (Closed)

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2.95% (Prime - 1.0%)

Your Bankable Mortgage Specialist

Hello, my name is Mohit Masand and I am a licensed Mortgage Agent with iConnect Mortgages (Dominion Lending Centres).  Has your bank denied your mortgage?  Are you looking for special mortgage rates that are even better than the banks?  Is your bruised credit making it hard for you to get a mortgage?  At my mortgage office, we work hard on finding a solution for every need.  If you have a case to discuss or simply want to know the best available rates for your situation, contact me today and I will be happy to assist.

More Solutions the Merrier

Being a licensed Mortgage Specialist, I can offer you a bouquet of exciting products and solutions that your conventional banks can’t.   The new B20 mortgage regulations have affected affordability and qualification for various borrowers; and today, more than ever, my access to multiple lenders and mortgage products can significantly increase your chances of getting a mortgage.

One Credit Hit, Multiple Lenders

What happens if your bank rejects your mortgage?  Perhaps, you go to another bank.  However, did you realize that each time you go to different banks, they pull your credit again?  That may adversely affect your credit score.  How about you have me work on your mortgage?  I can take you to multiple lenders (including major banks) with a single credit pull, hence keeping your credit healthy.

Experience that Counts

I have deep experience in helping clients with different situations.  So, whether you are a first-time home buyer, non-resident, business-for-self with 6+ months of business existence, domestic or international student, past bankrupt, or have bruised credit; I strongly encourage you to get in touch with me.  I will quickly analyze your scenario and provide an up-front answer about the possibilities and future course of action.

Mortgage Agent Who Works for You

Today’s mortgage industry is very challenging.  Given the precarious situation, you need a specialist who can represent your interest in front of the lenders.  I would like to propose my candidature as a licensed Mortgage Agent who is devoted to your needs.  Right from identifying the right solution for your needs to strategically structing the deal to being your trusted representative in front of the lenders, I do it all.  My ultimate objective is to qualify you for a product that is in your best short-term and long-term interest.

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Mohit Masand

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Mohit Masand

Value System

I promise to make full use of my knowledge and experience to offer a solution that is in your best interest. You will appreciate my attentive listening, empathy, and knowledge of a wide range of mortgage products. Contact me today to experience the difference!